Monday, October 04, 2010

And so it ends. And so it begins!

"I can think of a lot of worse things in baseball than marijuana or peyote, if used in moderation.  Things such as walks, designated hitters, and Astro Turf" - Bill "Spaceman" Lee

The MLB regular season comes to a disappointing end for me and the fans of 21 other teams. My Cards started the season with at least 5 straight series wins. Our two aces, Carpenter and Wainwright, were off to great starts and rookie Jaime Garcia was surprisingly excellent. Pujols was doing what Pujols does. People were concerned about Matt Holiday not putting up power numbers but his average was there and rookie 3B David Freese was hitting the ball at a prodigious pace.

Then the summer went on. And I got nervous. In early August we swept the upstart Cincinnati Reds in Cincinnati. We went on to lose the next 5 series. The stat of the day at this post explains it all. We had too many position players that hit like shit.

So my Birds are out of the playoffs and I have a little sad.

I'm over it. Let the playoffs begin!

PS:  Cincinnati TV viewers need to get a life.

The Bill Lee quote above I found in the book Big Hair and Plastic Grass.

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