Tuesday, November 29, 2011

GOP Primaries

Did you know there is a primary campaign going on to be the GOPper nominee for president next year?  Well it makes sense.  There's a ton of people running and they've been on TV debating each other 5 or 6 thousand times now.  I'm more or less ignoring them. They are, every one of them, batshit crazy and dumber than the dining room table I through out years ago.

Today, initial reports are hitting the news that Herman Cain has talked with his staff about dropping from the presidential race.  This comes on the heels of a woman claiming a 13 year long affair with the married Cain and follows weeks worth of accusations of sexual harassment and assault.  His dropping from the race is far from surprising.  Despite all his positives - the batshit crazy, the cowboy hat, the womanizing, Cain had one overriding trait the GOP base would never forgive.

Zorn called it three weeks ago although he seemed to think the sexual harassment was a problem.  Foolish liberal.  On his post Zorn goes on to ask readers to predict who will drop out next in the GOP primary.  The first commenter "realist contingent" will be out before 2/1.  Who are his realists?  Huntsman, Johnson, and Santorum. 

Wait, what?  Santorum?

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