Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Frothy One + 3

Or is it 2.

Or maybe 1. NPR was saying this morning that the Colorado caucus did not actually assign any delegates. They suggested that delegates to a State convention later this year could go against the straw poll from last night. I guess that is somewhat standard for caucuses. Cauci? Jonathan Bernstein, a political scientists, says that is unlikely though.

One thing is for sure. Ricky is going to get a big media coverage bump for attracting a majority of almost no participants.

Not only was the Missouri vote a "beauty contest," binding no delegates, but the turnout there was less than 6 percent of the voting-age population — a paltry number for a statewide primary. Moreover, Missouri's results were a bit askew because Gingrich did not get on the ballot.

In Minnesota, a state of about the same population, the party caucuses drew just over 50,000 participants (about a fifth as many as in Missouri). That was a little over 1 percent of the voting-age population. Again, no commitment of delegates.

In Colorado, again a state of roughly 5 million people, about 65,000 turned out, but that was still well below 2 percent of the voting-age population.

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