Monday, March 19, 2012

Voting Dilemma

Tomorrow is the Illinois Primary election. For the Democratic ballot in my precinct there is only one contested race for Cook Country Clerk. The Clerkship is a clear patronage position where they get to hire several thousand people. Dorothy Brown, the current clerk, still collects "donations" to her campaign fund from her workers. The challenger Ricardo Munoz is a Chicago City Alderman that is a "reformer." Even he has admitted that is a relative term. Plus he voted to sell off the parking meters. And while I believe most people's true complaint about the parking meter deal is they have to pay more money that isn't my concern. My concern is the city getting rid of an asset that should have been feeding its coffers for years to come.

There's a contested race or two for judges but I strongly disagree with the concept of elected judges. They should be appointed based on merit.

So, I guess I could declare as a Republican and vote in their primary. Then I would get to choose between Mittens, The Frothy One, and The Perfesser. I feel dirty just thinking about it.

I might just skip the primary election this year.

UPDATE: Even if I wanted to cross over and fuck with Mittens the Frothy One doesn't have any delegates on the ballot in my precinct. A vote for the candidate ultimately doesn't mean anything during the primary. The vote for the delegates is what matters. Yep, I'm pretty sure I will not be voting tomorrow.



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