Sunday, April 29, 2007

5 Seconds Of Fame

This evening the local Fox News affiliate walked into one of my favorite watering holes, a Cardinals bar, to interview people about the death of Josh Hancock. They talked to the manager, Jennifer (one of the other regulars), and me. The 9PM news showed one of the answers I gave. The answer they showed was my thoughts on Hancock. I think my answer was OK. I mentioned his role in last years game and how we will miss him.

I am happy that they did not air my response to the last question. They asked how I thought the Cardianls would do from this point on. I gave a "canned" answer. It was basically what me and my father and brother talk about: we need our hitting and pitching to come around. I more or less answered out of habbit. It is not what I should have said.

I should have said, "That doesn't matter. A talented, young man tragically lost his life less than 24 hours ago. As the season goes on I will continue to root for the Cardinals as I have my entire life. But right now, that is not important. Remembering Josh Hancock is what is important right now."

It is easy to come up with answers to questions after some thought. When put on the spot, it is not so easy. I can sympathize more with those that are regularly interviewed.

Once again... Thank you, Josh.

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