Friday, April 13, 2007

Beautiful Park + Big Ugly Orange

I'm not sure exactly what is happening right now. At 8 o'clock this morning there were news trucks from 4 or 5 local stations parked across the street from my office. My office faces the north end of Millenium Park across Randolf. I have a great view of Sky Gate The Bean.

The news trucks are gone now and workmen are putting up some new structure between me and The Bean. It is made of big, thick orange steel girders. A couple of pieces are laying on a 50 foot flatbed truck. It's not up yet but it looks ugly and I suspect very out of place for the soft, curving lines of the park. UnFotunately, there is too much sunlight for my puny camera phone to take a picture.

More updates might come but currently my reaction is "BLEH!"

UPDATE 13:17
I'm back from lunch and not much happening at the moment out there. A lunch companion says the shape makes him think it could be the Olympic Torch design.

Current Reaction: Still "BLEH!"



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