Thursday, April 05, 2007

State Funding?

Rudy reiterates his support of state funded abortions.
"I'm in the same position now that I was 12 years ago when I ran for mayor -- which is, personally opposed to abortion, don't like it, hate it, would advise that woman to have an adoption rather than abortion, hope to find the money for it. But it is your choice, an individual right. You get to make that choice, and I don't think society should be putting you in jail."

I don't support the idea of state funding. It was a personal choice and you fucked up (pardon the pun). But I do agree that it is a personal choice that society should not be involved in.

From a political point though, I have to ask, "What the hell is Rudy thinking?" His honesty is respectable, doubly so considering he is running as a GOP candidate. But this might be suicide in the primary.

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