Monday, April 02, 2007

Sharing Data

Via Gristmill:
A Bushie hack in the Interior department has illegally shared internal documents with private citizens. The people she emailed include someone at Chevron-Texaco and on online Roll Playing Gamer. She sent the report to the latter through the gamer's father's email address.

OMFG! Are you kidding me? You know, I accept that she sent it to a Chevron lawyer. It's apparently illegal and she should be canned and prosecuted for it. But this is just a Bush hack doing what I expect them to do: support their big business friends. But she sent data to some "kid" she knew through on-line roll playing games?!?!? I say "kid" because anyone over the age of 10 has their own email, right?

As many people have pointed out the real problem with Republican control of government is that they don't believe in government. They are ideologically opposed to it. They have contempt for it. If you hate something and think it should be scaled back at minimum and eliminated at best, how can you be expected to run it successfully? Look at the incompetence that has been shown in running the Iraq War and the relief operations after Hurricane Katrina. Look at the Bushies and Republican Congresses total disregard for the norms of governmental operations: no over sight, total secrecy, rewriting of bills in conference.



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