Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Between Snoozes

I use my cell phone as an alarm and the snooze is only 5 minutes. Here are a couple dream vignettes that I remember from this morning.

I was about 29 years old, on a school bus and I knew I was going to high school for my senior year. The bus took a route we didn't normally take. We were passing one group of students and since we weren't stopping I knew they were Downers Grove South students. We were going to Downers Grove North. Half a block later we slowed to let on students. It was a new stop on this route. A whole bunch of people got on.

At the time I was taking up all three airline-like seats. I had a load of crap in the window seat, I was in the middle seat, and I had a backpack on the aisle seat. The first 3 students that got on were all on crutches and went to the back of the bus. I saw a little blond girl coming, thought she was sorta cute, not hot but kinda cute, and moved my backpack off the aisle seat.

She sat down. We introduced ourselves and I noticed she was using a cane. She was a sophomore. So was the girl in front
of us who I would swear was an ex-teammate of mine from volleyball 10 years ago named Michelle. We started to discuss class schedules and I clearly didn't know mine. The blond girl started talking.

BEEP BEEP BEEP! hit the snooze button and try to resume.

This one's choppier.

I walked into the two room cabin with my roommate looking for our beds. I don't know why we were there if it was a school dorm or summer camp, which I never did, or what it was. We looked around and talked about something for a minute before going into the next room to meet our roommate. There was a guy lounging on a bed but someone I knew this wasn't the guy I was expecting. We said hello and introduced ourselves.

"Thomas Jefferson," said my roommate.

"Eric [Cardsfan]," I introduced myself.

"Thomas Edison," the new guy said. "George [Washington] will be back in a little bit."

"I supposed I'm supposed to take the loft," Edison said pointing to the narrow loft above our heads. Jefferson and I said he needed to work that out with Washington.

I left Edison and Washington's room, cut through me and Jefferson's room and stepped outside. A current coworker, Conractor Tony, was sitting in a parked his Jeep CJ-7 in the courtyard with his wife,
who I've never met. Tony asked if I wanted to go to dinner. I told him later. He started to pull away as I went back inside but then I needed to tell him something. As I ran back outside...


There was a 3rd dream that I can't put any coherence to. I was at some kind of rustic taven getting dinner, a pulled pork sandwich, before a volleyball game with my brother. As I was walking through the tavern there were several of the other residents of my condo and there was a major cleanup going on because there was salsa all over everything. I wasn't very hungry. I only ate half my sandwich and through away the remaining, salsa and all. I was also worried about the impending thunderstorm that might cancel our volleyball games and was checking the Tribune weather page using my neighbors lap top.



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