Sunday, June 06, 2010

Stanley Cup Game 5 Tonight

Watching Game 4 of Stanley Cup
Watching Game 4 at Merkle's on Clark

As an unrepentant, fair weather fan let me say with all the mild conviction I can muster, Go Hawks!

Now I know very little about the national sport of our neighbors to the north but I have been watching some playoff games with friends. It's exciting being in a group of fans when their team is in the playoffs and with the obvious exception I will root for the Chicago team.

During the games I've watched I've thought the Hawks, while winning, didn't look as good as the other teams. What I keep seeing is the other teams PASSING the puck into the Hawks zone while the Hawks are FLINGING the puck into their opponents zone and DESPERATELY RACING to get there first. When I mentioned this one friend said, "Yeah, the Hawks are getting out skated." A couple of others mostly nodded agreement.

The sloppy play has continued elsewhere. In Friday's game a Flier was standing next to the Hawks goal all by his little lonesome. It was an easy tuck in shot when his teammate passed the puck to him. Now, again, I'm no expert (I've twice typed ball instead of puck in this post already), I watch baseball and soccer, but I can tell you from my soccer experience that an offensive player has to be picked up by the defense or easy goals will abound.

Speaking of baseball, The Cardinals are on ESPN tonight at the same time as the Hawks. So, Go Hawks, I'll be checking in between innings.



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