Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Boots: A Good Investment

Nothing makes a girl as happy as when you tell her, "I think I need to go buy some new shoes."

OK, there might be a few other phrases that will get her heart all a flutter faster but this one has to rate right up there. That's what I told the Calc Teacher on Sunday. There were still two hours until the little costumed candy extortionists started to appear on her front stoop. Within minutes were on our way to Oak Brook Shopping Center.

I was thinking a pair of brown shoes for work. Also, maybe, I should take a look at black shoes because my current pair were definitely in their last miles. The Calc Teacher, who has the stereotypical plethora of shoes for each season, had different designs on my feet.

4 New Pair?

Before I could get those we had to deal with the embarrassment of my socks. Now, I'm not that guy, but I was behind on my laundry so I did have on a older, religious pair that day. New socks were purchased and changed into before we did shoe shopping.

As best I can tell it is not with in the laws of nature for her to be in the vicinity of that many shoes and not look for herself. And that's fine by me. There was one pair she has "had her eye on for while." We detoured to the women's shoes for her to try them on. Oh, and there were these pair of boots she noticed last time. Why not have the saleslady bring those out too.

She tells me these are the exact ones but it is close.
Apparently there were little studs along the bottom.
I don't remember. Trust The Girl when it comes to shoes.

When the saleslady saw the boots she picked out we were suddenly the sole focus of her attention. When she couldn't find them immediately she came out to make sure we were still there and explained that her manager was hunting them down right now.

It was then that The Calc Teacher figured out why. When she turned the display pair over she saw the price tag: $450.00. It was the second time shoe shopping had her heart a fluttering that day. This time out of nervousness and not excitement.

The boots were retrieved and she walked around in them for a few minutes. Later she told me kept hoping they would start to feel bad on her feet. Never happened. She described it as walking on feathers. While helping her put on the shoes the saleslady gave multiple ideas of how fashionable they were, how attractive they were, and suggested different ways of wearing them. While the Calc Teacher was on her little walkabout the sales pitch continued.

I was given the pitch that buying a boot of that quality was actually a good investment. If I were to buy a cheaper pair of boots, say $60 or $70, I would be replacing them every year. These would last for a very long time. The whole time I'm nodding my head sagely and biting my lip to not laugh at her pitch.

Apparently, it was "obvious" we were "married" or at least I was the sugar daddy. Who knew shoe shopping could be so damn funny.



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