Monday, October 17, 2011

Going To The Series!

And not just the Cardinals. I bought tickets today (don't ask). My brother and I are going to Game 1.

In regards to my last post, the talking heads on MLB Network last night gave the Cardinals some respect. To paraphrase, they said the Cardinals beat the best team in baseball (the Phillies) and then beat the team with the best home records in the National League (the Brewers) and they deserved to go to the series.

Another thing I was reminded of during the NLCS. Nine or ten years ago my father told me that the new Cardinal was going to be something special. I agreed that he looked like a good hitter but I thought his defense at 3B and LF were good but not spectacular.

Last year I told my father to watch our new third baseman. He's got power, he's a good fielder, and seems like an all around good player. It just worries me that he's dealt with some injuries in his career. The player I mentioned, David Freese, won the NLCS MVP award last night.

Is he as good as the guy my dad pointed out a decade ago? No, there's only one king.



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