Monday, March 26, 2012

Self Inflicted

It's long over due for an Ozzie update. This one isn't 100% good news. Apparently he has allergies. Until today I didn't know that cats could get allergies. Well, Ozzie has an itch on his ear and he's scratching and scratching and scratching.

And scratching some more. I checked him twice for ear mites yesterday. The first time I saw nothing. The second time a few hours later I found this.

We went to see Vet Rachel today. She's the one that diagnosed him with allergies. He received a steroid shot and I have some liquid antibiotics I have to put on his food once a day for a week. He's also somewhat indignant at the mani/pedi he received.

Otherwise all is well.

The warm unseasonably warm weather has him shedding lack mad and I'm struggling to keep up. From his perspective though that just means extra brushings which are a net positive in Ozzieland.



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