Wednesday, January 31, 2007

New Blog Link

Andrew Sullivan linked to SpecialWayOfBeingAfraid. The blogger had commented on Sullivan's and Harris' on going discussion on religion. I liked what the blogger wrote and some of his other stuff so I added him to my own blog roll.

The post Sullivan linked included a YouTube of a news story(?) about the teaching of creationism. I was rendered physically ill watching it. These people (54 million in America apparently) make me so mad with their willful ignorance that it affects me physically. I ask myself why I let it affect me like that. Live and let live, right?

I can't. I'm an atheist and looking back, I think I more or less have been my entire life. For the most part though I've never wanted to disabuse people of their own beliefs. But when people like those depicted in the video teach out-and-out falsehoods to 10s or 100s of thousands of children, when they deny them the opportunity of learning scientific fact, they are abusing those children. When they teach the evolution (or any other scientific theory) is not true because some two thousand year old fairy tale says so they are handicapping those they teach. They are doing damage to our country and to human knowledge.


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