Monday, February 19, 2007

Report From The Front

I received this email from a friend earlier today. Apparently it was a rough night on Diversy Avenue Friday.
Don't know if you heard, but there was a fight outside of Galway Bay/Yak-zies Friday night. I wasn't there, but the bartenders at Yaks told me that 1 dude bit off a part of another dude's nose. [A bartender] was out there, and 1 of the cops asked if he could help find his nose. It happened at 9pm!

That is awfully early for a bar fight, especially on a Friday. Not that 2 or 3 hours of after work drinking isn't enough time to get sufficiently sloshed but fights tend to start after a lot of alcohol and late in the night.

And to bite a guy's nose off?? This doesn't sound like your usual bar scuffle over someone grabbing your girlfriend's butt. One or both of these guys was trying to kill the other one. Maybe literally. I've been asking asking around some more since the email came in. They never found the nose fragment. Current speculation [by the police or bartender?] is that Biter swallowed the nose.

I've done some cursory searches but haven't found any local news reports on the incident.

UPDATE: Dispute at Galway Bay between a guy and a girl resulted in between 3 and 10 guys spilling onto the street. Some of them held the guy down that was fighting with the girl and another bit his nose off. - Waitress from Yak-Zies.


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