Monday, February 12, 2007

Toyota FT-HS

Trend Pimp put me on to this. A Toyota concept that has BMW M power and 4-cylinder economy. The car is a high-performance hybrid. Apparently it was at the Detroit Auto Show in January and I hope to see it at the Chicago show this week.

Trend Pimp says that it will cost in the mid-30s. Motor Trend, who I would trust more, thinks it will be closer to double that if it actually makes it to market. Someone needs to do this. Performace cars aren't as popular as they once were but there is a come back of sorts going on.

The German automakers have been in a horsepower war for quite a few years. the M3 coupe and the the Audi S4 are both getting V8 engines. The Americans look to be gearing up with the reintroduction of the Camaro*, the Dodge Charger/Challenger, and an up-powered Mustang. Some automaker needs to produce a viable, affordable performance hybrid. Now 70 G's is not exactly affordable in the sense I'm thinking but hybridd technology still comes at a premium. But, as Motor Trend points out, Toyota is as good as any automaker to take on this challenge.



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