Friday, February 09, 2007

Being Shut Out

I bought a 42" flat panel TV the week before the Big Game.* I was planning on getting the MLB package this year so that I could watch The Cardinals on my big, new TV. Oh what glory that would be!

But noooooo!!!! MLB has decided to only offer the Extra Innings package on DircTV, the satelite dish TV service. Although I have access to DirecTV in Chicago I suspect my landlord would have a coniption fit. When I buy a condo (as planned) in the fall I may or may not be able to mount a dish. If I'm in a high rise it will almost certainly not be possible.

Even if I'm allowed to in the new building I don't know if DirecTV offers the Fox Soccer Channel. I also get a discount on my cable TV because I also purchase internet service. MLB is shutting out a lot of people with this move. I'll be seriously pissed if Kincades and Sedgwicks can't carry the games!

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