Tuesday, February 06, 2007

White Border Optional

Chicago is looking to get tougher on stop sign laws. And, I, for one, support this. I've complained before about the pour driving habits of many Chicagoans. Running stop signs AND stop lights is about as common as breathing for many people.

Just this past week some jackass in a van was tailgating me for several blocks. At a stop light he was blowing his horn as the light went green. It took me no more than a second to shift into first gear and pull through the intersection. At the next intersection he was blowing his horn at me BEFORE I hand come to a complete stop. I'm convinced the only reason he slowed down at all was because I was in his way.

Often when some one does something similar to this to me I will intentionally slow down. Take my time getting through an intersection. Yes, I'm being a bit of an ass to slow these people down. The reason I didn't was that I was on Lincoln Park West, at the very intersection that 4 year old Maya Hersch was killed last year. I was consciously aware of that story during the incident. The way the guy in the van was driving I expected him to make a stupid, high-speed pass at any moment. I just got out of his way and watched him speed on down the road.

If Vi Daley's bill is enacted into law I suspect this guy will be paying that $500 fine in no time. Hopefully it will be a lot more when he's caught. Hopefully, the jackass doesn't hurt anyone in the mean time.

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