Friday, March 09, 2007

Monday Night's Accident

I passed by an accident on the Eisenhower Monday night. At the time I thought it was just an impressive car fire. By impressive, I mean that the entire car was engulfed and the flames were probably 15 feet high. I had no idea some The next day I read that a woman had died in the fire. The police estimate the man who killed Danielle Baker was driving at over 100 mph and had a blood alcohol level nearly double the legal limit. After hitting her he fled the accident and crashed his own car.

I didn't pay anymore attention to it until this morning. Accidents are so depressingly common in this city. Steve Edwards, host of Chicago Public Radio's "848" show, is broadcasting a tribute to the young woman. She was an intern on his show. He played a short clip from one of the interns pieces and I instantly recognized her voice. I remembered the show. Edwards was audibly choking back tears. The episode just ended as I type and I can imagine him really breaking down right now.


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