Monday, April 16, 2007

GOP Boondoggle

It seems everyone and their brother is pointing to the study that shows abstinence only education is a flop. The kids that go through the classes have sex just as soon as their peers that did not. And everyone is making fun of the GOP insistence to continue the program.

But I hope no one is surprised! This is typical of today's goppers. Science is not part of their life. They have dogma to fall back on. They decide "it" is true and no amount of evidence will make them change their mind. I don't care if it is global climate change, the Theory of Evolution, or abstinence education.

The other point I've seen no mention of is the hypocrisy of the goppers on this issue. For years their bread and butter was wasted government money. They pitched a bitch about every program being ineffective and that money should be cut off. Of course, now that is their program that is proven ineffective there's no need to cut it. In fact, they want to expand it.



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