Monday, April 16, 2007

I Told You So

A friend of mine moved to Lincoln Park about 18 months ago. Before he moved to the city he lived with his mother and parked in a garage. Now, he's lucky to have a dedicated parking spot but it is an open air spot off an alley. Every time I've ridden in his car there has been some electronic gadget laying on the seat. Usually there is a GPS but MP3 players and CDS and books on tape are not uncommon either. I've even seen his laptop shoulder bag laying in there.

Now Lincoln Park is a generally a pretty safe neighborhood. Especially for a big city. One of the crimes we have to deal with is property crime. There's a lot of money in the neighborhood and lots of things that can be stolen and sold for a quick buck. I've been telling him since he moved that he needs to take everything out of his car. At minimum, he absolutely must put stuff in the glove box so it is not out in the open. On multiple occasions I've pointed out broken glass on the street where auto glass is scattered from a break in.

This morning he emailed me asking if I knew of any good auto glass shops. Someone broke into his car over night and stole his GPS. I don't particularly feel sorry for him.



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