Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dream Rememberance, #2

From last night. This one is disturbing.

I was on some wooden platform over a very high rocky cliff with a lake or river below me. There were multiple people standing next to me. I don't know who they were. Some guy kept asking me questions and as I refused to answer them the other people were tossed off the cliff to the water below.

I don't know
(now?) who the people were but as each one was thrown over the cliff I moved toward a stair way at the end of the platform. There was another sloped roof like platform above the one we were on. I got the stairs and headed up. Some body, I don't know if it was a woman or man now, was coming down the stairs. They were shot and thrown over the cliff.

Next I was on that sloped roof and I was struggling not to slide down it. A woman, that in my dream was important to me
but I have no idea who she was, was clinging to a wood ski lift chair that was slowly moving out over the chasm. She was chanting, "The actions of the British government has consequences." She repeated it over and over again until she lost her grip and fell.

Next I was inside some place with an ex, The High School Teacher. We were walking through a living room to a bedroom to a bathroom. She was getting undressed and climbed into the shower. Just before she did she handed me a switch blade knife and a "switch blade" potato peeler.
Yes, a potato peeler. She told me to order food. I remembered what a bitch she turned out to be. I decided I was leaving but in spite I tossed the knife in an attempt to stick it in the wall. It bounced off the wall, hit the floor and bounced up and stabbed me through the neck. I pulled it out and was clutching my neck asking The Teacher for help as I bled every where. She climbed out of the shower held a towel to my neck and called 911.

I woke up in bed, face down, clutching my neck.



Blogger Miss Healthypants said...

Dude, that is freakin' scary! The line "The actions of the British government has consequences" alone would freak me out--and then there's the neck-stabbing and all. Yikes, what's that all about? :)

6:35 PM  

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