Monday, December 22, 2008

Random Acts of Kindness - Karma Edition

Tom R. had a group of us over for dinner last night. As we were eating we watched a couple try to get their car out of snow and ice. They were at it for a long time. Eventually, one guy declared he was tired of watching them. Four of us bundled up and went out to push them out. The guy had spun his tires so much it was a sheet of ice. It took us several minutes to get him out. Just before we sprung him his girlfriend, who was standing to the side, asked, "Is the tire supposed to be off the ground?" I looked down and the right rear tire was in the air. A big shove later and they were clear. A short time later we walked to Toons. The bartender there is a friend of ours and it was his birthday. On the four block walk to Toons we sprung free three more cars. We were a roving band of drunks pushing cars out of the snow.

This morning I bundled up against the cold and started my half mile trudge to the Red Line. My neighbor was heading out at the same time and has a handicap parking space in front of the building. He offered me a ride to the station.



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