Friday, December 12, 2008

Lots of Things, Big and Small

1. More evidence that high gas prices have beneficial effects. In this case, a 10% drop in automobile accident fatalities.

2. GOP Senators kill the auto industry bail out. Two things of note. First, the people who worship the free market gods want to dictate how much money private sector employees get compensated. These guys are mostly millionaires, making $160K with full medical benefits. Second, this was primarily opposed by Goppers from southern states where foreign car companies have built assembly plants. In the past, these free market fetishists have extolled the wonders of global trade. Yet they are willing to let the Midwest suffer terribly and don't seem to realize it will severely damage their regions economic future too.

3. Blagojevich (D - Gonad) has nothing on this guy. Blago wanted a few hundred thousand. Madoff schemed to defraud investors of $50-with-a-B-Billion.

4. Earlier this week people were buying U.S. treasury bonds that were a paying 0% - that's zero percent - yeild. People are so scared of investments they are essentially putting money under the mattress.


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