Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What Didn't Happen

As far as I know George W. Bush didn't issue a slew of blanket pardons to people in his administration and to others involved in the decisions to torture as part of U.S. policy. Many people had speculated that he would do just that. On one level I suspect that Bush just doesn't understand or believe any crimes were committed. I think he believes what he did was legal because a lackey lawyer made up an argument at his or Cheney's direction.

On the other hand this falls directly into George W. Bush's law and order attitude. Bush, IIRC, did not issue a single clemency petition to a death row inmate in Texas. Bush, generally speaking, doesn't believe in letting criminals off the hook. He believes they should serve the most severe sentence that the state can mete out. (Yes, I know Scooter was granted clemency.)

The fact that Bush did not issue the expected pardons was completely in character.


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