Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's The Economy Stupid

Two Mondays ago I decided to stop in at my other favorite watering hole for some half price apps. I walked in a little before 6PM and it was utter chaos. There were 6 people filling out applications. Sammie, the waitress, jokingly asked if I was there about the Craig's List ad.

Two waitresses quit over the weekend. Two others have given notice. The bar is looking to hire two servers by early next week. I was there for about 90 minutes. Two to three dozen people came in to fill out applications including about 5 or 6 dudes.

What was vaguely amusing was watching the assistant manager talk to people who turned in applications. Most got the "we'll start interviews early next week" and the don't call us we'll call you routine. There were a handful of exceptions. He'd sit and talk to the pretty girls for 5 to 10 minutes each.

When I was in there over this past weekend I found out over 150 people applied for the two jobs. They hired three people.


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