Monday, July 13, 2009

L.A.T.E Riding

10,000 of my closest friends and I disrupted traffic throughout the north side of the city early Sunday morning.

The event is a 25 mile ride through the city to support Friend Of The Park. For some the cause matters. For others its a fun chance to ride through the streets with minimal chances of getting smashed by cars.

Two of the most memorable parts of the ride occurred in the first couple miles. Before we even cleared the first four blocks on Columbus Ave I saw half a dozen bike break downs. Flats can happen any time to any one but there were several people with thrown chains. That's a lack of maintenance on your bike. If you're going to do a 25 mile ride you should, you know, maybe, get your bike in good working order. I envision these were people that decided an over night ride sounded like fun and pulled the bikes out of the garage for the first time in three years and just assumed they were going to be fine.

The other moment was along Roosevelt. Early in the ride CPD had cars controlling intersections allowing the cyclists to fly through unimpeded. I don't know what cross street it was but as we rolled through this particular red light the Red Light Camera strobe started flashing like mad. Each cyclist was tripping it. Somewhere there is about 50 pics of my roommate and I rolling through an intersection flying The Bird.

A friend of mine has some pics up at Flickr from the night. (I really need to replace my broken camera...)

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