Thursday, November 05, 2009


So, wow, I get a comment on a post titled, "Phillies Win". Turns out that was my most recent post from the first day of the World Series 8 days ago. And as MHP pointed out the Evil Empire ended up winning and that truly does suck.

And now... winter. When does Spring Training start again?

Life has been busy the past couple weeks. I'm working long hours because of a new state law mandating a change in our business. We knew about it back in August and started making plans. Then the state got involved. Then the low income advocates got involved (the law mandates more assistance to low income customers). They hemmed. They hawed. They drug their feet. They told us our initial plans weren't up to snuff and we'd have to do something else. We'd have to interface with the state agencies. Of course, the state agencies didn't have their code ready yet. When would they be ready? They wouldn't say.

So we tried to design to their vague - very, very vague - specifications. We asked for more details and got nothing. Finally after much escalation, our executives went to the state big wigs and told them we would not be able to implement the changes by the end of the year - as mandated - because their people were telling us they wouldn't be ready until next summer!

Heads were crunched together.

The state agency came back and told us that instead of June 2010 they would be ready by December. Essentially, they were trying to get us to say we wouldn't be ready by then. We called their bluff. We said we'd be ready too. A week later the state agency said no can do. Now we're back to our original August plan but still have to implement in December. And that means long hours!

(Apparently I needed to vent because I meant that to be about 4 sentences long, not 4 paragraphs.)

I also moved my roommate out this past weekend. He's moved in with his GF. I have a new roomie coming in next week. He's a work colleague that flies into Chicago for work each week. He's gone on weekends. :) He's going to pay more to stay there. :)) I've got a lot of cleaning and prep work to do between now and then. :(

Add softball and volleyball leagues and I haven't even thought of stopping by here. I shouldn't be here now.


Blogger Miss Healthypants said...

But it's always good to vent. I hope life gets less stressful for you soon!! :)

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