Friday, April 09, 2010

The Dying Disc


Last night I saw the last gasps of physical mass media. I stopped at a Best Buy to pick up a car charger for my Zune. (I've been meaning to write a review of that for a while.) I had some time to kill so I wandered through the CD and DVD section.

Prominently displayed in the CDs were a Led Zepplin (formed 1968, disbanded 1980) box set I bought in 1989. In addition there were Tom Petty (age 59), The Beatles (formed 1960, disbanded 1970), Michael Jackson (age dead), and AC/DC (formed 1973) box sets. There was a section of actual vinyl records including one by Bruce Springsteen (age 60).

Prominent in the DVD section were TV shows Alien Nation (1989 - 90), Lost In Space (1965 - 68), The Man From Uncle (1964 - 68), and Get Smart (1965 - 70). There was also a large section of Westerns from the 50s and 60s.

Who are buying these items? Baby boomers and maybe some Gen X'ers. Gen Y, Millenials (are they different) and what ever generation is coming next are not buying these things. They may still be using NetFlix or Redbox to get movies. Some are definitely down loading or using streaming Netflix. They certainly download their music.


Blogger Miss Healthypants said...

I'm so torn on the whole downloading thing--for music, yes, but especially for books. I think we miss out on the cool-ass CD and book covers when we download music and books. :) On the other hand, it can save the environment by us producing less plastic for CD's, and using less paper (trees) for books.

The world has changed SO much in the past 30 years!

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