Thursday, April 22, 2010

Random Baseball

Joe Grilling Opening Day

Beer Fridge

Half way through the 3rd week of the season and we'll throw out our first Random Baseball of 2010. I went to opening day at Wrigley this year and for the first time the weather was acceptable. Much warmer than now. We grilled catfish at my place before the game. Above is Joe working the grill and the scene from my refrigerator that morning. If I figure out who sneaked that milk in...

On with the randomness.

  • Math proves what you already know. A team will win more games if it scores 4 runs per game, every game instead of scoring 7 runs one day and only 1 run the next.

  • My Cardinals have the best record in the NL as of today. They believe it may be the first time in franchise history they've started the season with 5 straight series wins. Tony Larussa, Super GeniusTM gets it right by saying there better be many more 5 straight series wins this year.

  • Former Cub and still raging lunatic Milton Bradley is being sued by his landlord from his one year in Chicago. According to the lawsuit Bradley owes back rent and damages for
    The suit contended he left red paint on white silk draperies, water rings and wine stains on an ebony zebra wood credenza, food and juice stains on a silk velvet ottoman, and a five-foot coffee splattering on the master bedroom carpet.
    An ebony, zebra wood credenza?

  • The Braves SPANK The Pirates 20 - 0

  • And finally, probably the biggest news, we have Carlos Zambrano being moved to the bullpen. He's had a terrible start to the year and this move makes him the highest paid set up man in baseball history. Any one want to calculate $17,875,000 divided by 3 outs per game?



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