Friday, May 14, 2010

Random Baseball

  • The University of Missouri has rolled out new old school retro road uniforms seen above. They're complete with the gray flannel look. Except they aren't. The unis are made by Under Armor with all the wicking technology that implies but are are designed to look like flannel. Pretty cool stuff.

  • I may have a new favorite previously unknown player. Oakland A's pitcher Dallas Braden has been in the news twice this year. First, he told Slappy to get the hell off his pitcher's mound. Second, he pitched a perfect game, only the 19th in MLB history. Coincidentally, Braden's perfect game was thrown against the Tampa Bay Rays, the same team White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle threw his perfect game against last year. As a thank you, Braden has bought a special gift for all his teammates.

  • Another odd story from earlier this year. Oakland's top prospect chose to leave the life of baseball for a life of celibacy a priest.


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