Monday, June 07, 2010

We Shall See

The Tribune has an article up about the city ordering new, artsy bike racks. They're certainly needed. As the article mentions the removal of parking meters from most of the city has significantly reduced the number of places one can safely lock up a bike. Outside my Sunday softball team's sponsor on Ashland there are no bike racks at all. Within the long block (Diversey to Wrightwood) there are only a couple sign posts that are usable. When the team shows up we're locking up to those posts and sapling trees. I've asked the owner to request bike racks - the city has a web site - but so far nothing.

When I read this article I get concerned about the "artsy" factor. Are these going to be artfully painted racks? Fine. If they are going to be artfully sculpted racks I worry about practicality. How much space are they going to take up on sidewalks? How many bikes are you going to be able to lock up? Are the artsy racks going to be secure?

The article also implies the racks are going to take longer to be delivered than ordinary racks. The need is immediate. The longer the wait the worse off it is for cyclist.

I'm not opposed to the artsy racks. I like the concept and think the city should do things that beautify the landscape. But cyclists need something now and we need something that works.



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