Friday, October 08, 2010

Other Randomness

  • I previously mentioned that the NBA's Miami Heat had become the New York Yankees of basketball... more evidence here.

  • Adding more wild card teams to the MLB playoffs, in a one game format, could improve the end of the regular season. I could get behind the idea if there was a guarantee that it would remain a one game play in. My fear is that it would expand to a best of 3 or best of 5 series.

  • Now that's how you start the post season! In this, the so called Year of the Pitcher, Roy Halladay, in his first ever post season appearance, threw 2nd ever post season no hitter. I had been paying vague attention to the score at work but did not realize what was going on. I was on the El riding home when I got a text about it. I jumped off the train and into the nearest bar. I got to see the 7th inning on.

  • The recessions effects on rich and poor in one handy graph.

  • Yes it's true. I was am a geek. Although I feel I should point out the last time I played was college.

  • Despite the obvious geekiness the Calc Teacher continues to want to see me. :)



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