Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Illinois Tax Hike

It's crazy. We, the people of Illinois, are a demanding lot.

We want functioning schools. We want a small teacher to student ratio. We want teachers that can teach advanced placement classes and teach learning disabled students. We want colleges that will prepare our young adults for careers, to lead us in advanced technology and scientific research.

We want good roads. Roads that are not full of pot holes and are plowed of snow. We want buses and trains to run on time or some proximity of it. We want the drivers on our roads to be properly tested to make sure they are safe. We want safe cars and trucks and semis on the road. We want those cars, trucks, and semis to run relatively clean so that our air isn't full of smog.

We want policemen to patrol the highways and prisons to lock up criminals. We want courts and judges to try those accused of crimes. We want those guilty locked up and a system that doesn't lock up the innocent. We want courts to adjudicate our civil disputes so they are not being solved with baseball bats and guns.

We want hospitals. We want to know the doctors, dentists, and nurses we see are qualified and won't be killing and maiming us through incompetence. We want safe retirement homes to be open and available for our old and frail.

We want our state to attract businesses where we can make a living. And we want businesses in our state to be honest and fair. We want insurance companies that offer policies that actually protect our lives and property and pay when we have actual claims. We want safe food in our stores and restaurants. When the pump at the Shell station says we just purchased 17.3 gallons we want that number to be accurate so we're not being ripped off. We want utility companies that provide safe and reliable services. We want business to honor the warranties they offer us.

We want buildings inspected so they don't collapse. We want our homes made of materials that will not poison us or our children.  We want state parks.

We want all these things and so much more.  Now, now we will begin to pay for what we want.



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