Friday, January 07, 2011

Ryan Release

My opinion is torn.

Former Illinois Governor George Ryan has asked for a temporary (at least) release from prison to visit his dying wife of 50 years.  My humanitarian side wants to see him allowed to be at her side.  This is especially true when I consider that some of the charges Ryan was convicted on have been subsequently ruled unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court.  Ryan is probably serving time he should not be at this point.

On the other hand if Ryan is allowed to visit his wife it will have the feel of a special privilege for a politically connected, white collar man.  Do convicted burglars get the same option?  I honestly don't know the answer but if they do not then neither should Ryan.  I'm also sure that when Ryan was in office he would have opposed said burglar getting a temporary release to visit a dying spouse or parent.  For those reasons I also have moments when I want to tell Ryan, you did the crime now do the time.  Not being there with your family in a time of need is part and parcel to being imprisoned.



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