Monday, January 24, 2011

More JFK Conspiracies

A 1963 Bonneville Wagon Ambulance was auctioned off this weekend in Scotsdale. It was touted as the ambulance that took JFK's body from the D.C. airport to Bethesda for an autopsy. The Professional Automobile Society (group of enthusiasts for automobiles used in professions, ie. ambulances, hearses, etc.) debunked the claim.

The car sold for $120,000. A lot of people are criticizing the buyer. When she said she might ask The Smithsonian if they want it she doesn't come across as the most brilliant if you accept this car is not the JFK ambulance.

It's just possible though that she made a decent buy in the collector car market. The Bonneville is typically considered a very collectible car. This was a car with custom coach work - turning the station wagon into an ambulance.

UPDATE:  A friend and fellow car lover said he did a few searches for Bonnevilles on classic car forums.  The convertibles tend to go for $30K - $40K. He also made the logical point that if professional cars were worth this much Barrett-Jackson would have been featuring them long ago.  So, yeah, this car sold for way more than it should have.



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