Sunday, January 02, 2011

I Got The Rockin' Pneumonia,

It has been said that you cannot choose one person as the inventor of Rock And Roll.  However, if you are forced to pick one you could do worse than Chuck Berry.

He was scheduled to play a show in Chicago last night.  I didn't know about it until yesterday morning and by that time I already had plans.  Otherwise I would have gotten tickets.  Sadly, it may have been best that I didn't go.  A friend said she waited 2+ hours for him to take the stage.  At that point she estimates he only played for 20 minutes while "forgetting lyrics."  She said he then spent 30 minutes tuning instruments before collapsing.

Here is Chuck Berry explaining what happened.

I have a short list of early blues and rock and roll acts that are still alive and I would like to see.  Berry is certainly on that list but I wonder now.  It may be best to remember and listen to the music as it was.  I know Berry still has a club in St. Louis he plays on occasion but duck walking may be best left to those younger than 84 years of age.

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