Friday, December 17, 2010

The King in His Throne

Apparently the $1300 leather La-Z-Boy is no longer mine. Really, I'm not sure what is mine any more.

So it turns out the king wasn't as completely healthy as the original exam implied. The little terror has roundworm. This was discovered when the vet analyzed a stool sample.

The vet, a friend, emailed me to say I could stop by and pick up the ointment to treat the roundworms on Monday. I didn't make it Monday but stopped in on Tuesday. I read the instructions and mentally breathed a huge sigh of relief. I was afraid that the treatment would involve multiple applications of the ointment to a not-so-nice part of Ozzie's anatomy. Not the case at all. It was just an oil that needed to be placed on his skin, preferably between his shoulders where he couldn't lick it.

His bedroom lock down ended Tuesday as well. When I got home with his medication I was very happy to find that the condo building wasn't burned to the ground. Additionally, when I got inside there was no apparent damage anywhere. He pretty much has the run of the house these days.

Good boy, Ozzie.



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