Thursday, March 10, 2011

Random Baseball: Flog, Flog Away

Ernie Tyler

Spring Training is well under way so let's take a look at what's been going on.

  • Mr. Ernie Tyler was an umpires attendant, a ball boy really, for the Baltimore Orioles since 1960.  He started as a part time usher in 1954.  He work 3,819 straight games as an umpire attendant.  That's nearly 1,200 more games than the Iron Man's, Cal Ripken, consecutive games played record.  Ernie voluntarily ended his consecutive game streak to attend Cal Ripken's Hall Of Fame induction ceremony.  Ernie passed away on February 10.  RIP.
  • I know, I know.  A broken record I am.  If you believe amphetamine users and spit ballers belong in the Baseball Hall Of Fame, then you are being hypocritical if you think steroid users do not belong.
    First, how can you reasonably justify withholding a vote for steroid use but not amphetamine use? Amphetamines became illegal two decades before steroids did. That was also about when we learned amphetamine use was rampant in baseball, thanks to "Ball Four." In other words, a whole lot more players used amphetamines and for a whole lot longer than ever took steroids. And you probably voted for them without hesitation.

  • I am PLEASANTLY SURPRISED!  Cliff Lee will be pitching for the Phillies this season.  This is actually one a growing number of contracts where the player choosing to take less money to play for a team he wants than just taking the highest offer on the table.  Kerry Wood is said to have done the same thing to return to the Cubs this year.
  • Alas!  Only the Pirates could lose a salary arbitration to a 1 - 11 pitcher.  .
  • The Cardinals have not yet signed Albert Pujols to a contract extension. As is the wish of Albert all talks halted on the day he reported to Spring Training. The Cardinals will have sole negotiating rights to Pujols from the day after the complete their last game (regular season or playoffs whichever comes last) until 10 days after the World Series ends. At that point all teams can start negotiation. I really have no idea what is going to happen. I'll have some more thoughts on this at a later date.

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