Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Boogeymen and Monsters Under The Bed

Far be it from me to give advice to in an arena I have no experience in (you may laugh) and have very little interest in gaining such experience, but what he said.

I have to wonder how it was that I managed to survive my childhood. Not just me either, but my brothers and all the kids I knew.
The typical summer day would see us run outside early in the morning. We’d find our way home for lunch and then disappear again. We hiked through woods, and fields. We caught snakes and used them to terrorized girls who dared follow us. We were outside the view of any parent for much of the time. And, in a utopia without cell phones, our parents couldn’t call us every 15 minutes or use a GPS system to track our moves.
If they wanted to reach us they had to stand on the front porch and call out our names. And, if we felt like it, we answered. But, truth be told, we often heard them and didn’t answer
Here’s the thing: Crimes against children have been declining. But the safer we get the more paranoid we, as a society become. From 1990 to now substantiated cases of child sexual abuse has dropped in half. Cases of physical abuse have dropped in half as well. Assaults on teens have also dropped by about 50%. In some states the declines were closer to 80-90%. (Alaska, Arizona, Georgia, Idaho, Montana, South Dakota, Washington)
But as kids have become safer parents have become more paranoid, a paranoia that politicians are always ready to exploit. In the world of politics the best problems to address are the imaginary ones, you always succeed at slaying monsters that don’t exist.
 This goes to something I've mentioned before.  Criminal activity is down and has been declining for years.  CLS's comment about slaying monsters (highlighted) really rings true to me.



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