Friday, August 05, 2011

Refried Bean?

Rowan Atkinson crashed his $1M+ car yesterday. Initial reports had him just barely escaping a fiery death. Not true. The car didn't burn.

The picture in the first article puts me in mind of an older gentleman I knew when I worked at a car dealership in college. He had a twin turbo 300ZX. Standard that car had 300 ponies and some massive turbo lag. The car wasn't enough for his midlife crisis so he had an aftermarket tuner rework the exhaust and the engine management computer. Allegedly the mods added another 100 ponies. In the three years I worked there he was in at least once a year having body work done. He couldn't keep it on the road.

I got to test drive it after one repair. We had to make sure it drove straight and handled properly. Dear FSM that car was FAST!



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