Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Chip Off The Old Block

Daddy was a gov'ner. I was a gov'ner.

Daddy liked liked firing people. I love to fire people.

Daddy ran for president.  I'm running for president.

Daddy lost. I...  oh.

I wonder if Daddy ever left the family dog on the car's roof.

In all seriousness look at the story with Mittens referring to his father firing people. He refers to the story of Michigan voters being mad at his father for the layoff as "humorous." Maybe I'm being unfair to George Romney. Maybe he didn't like firing people.

But surely Mittens does.

I don't think that a candidate has to come from one specific background. Having a variety of people leads to a variety of experiences. That variety, hopefully, can lead to better legislation and governance. Mittens background though has made him either clueless, ignorant, cruel, or all three. Or maybe, as Rachel Maddow points out, he is just an out and out fucking liar.

(edited at the suggestion of a friend.)

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