Monday, February 26, 2007


It seems like every week there is more proof that I don't know the first thing about today's popular culture.

Last night, sitting at my favorite watering hole, the Oscars were on. Several of the bartenders and waitresses gather to watch them every year so the Puddy, the Sunday night bartender, turns on the volume. This year I felt almost knowledgeable. I stayed through the Best Supporting Actor award and discovered that I had heard of three of the five nominees. That's better than two years ago when I last watched them at the bar. I had never heard of any of the Best Supporting Actress nominees.

Just last week I was talking to Diana, a coworker who is leaving the company this week. She had an IPOD on her desk and I asked who she was listening to. Why do I do these things? The answer was Jack Johnson. My response, "Who? Never heard of him." Diana's reaction could only be described as aghast. She stuttered through her response. How could I not know? I still don't. I care so little I haven't even considered looking up who he is. I'm actually shocked I still remember.

It was maybe just a month ago that I learned that LiLo wasn't a Disney cartoon character.

Back to last night, there was one presenter that I thought was really hot! Turns out it was Jessica Biel(sp?). HOORAY! I've heard of her. Now, is she an actress or a singer or what?

Most of the time I'm more than content to be this way. I just don't give a damn. When I listen to the radio I listen to NPR. When I watch TV I watch Discovery or History or PBS. The most recent motion picture I've seen, whether on the big screen or on cable, is Team America. Sucked beyond belief. Before that it was Lord of the Rings: Return of the King and Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. The problem comes when I'm trying to make small talk. I'm not good at it to begin with but it is very hard to carry on the conversation when I've got no clue about what most people do with their lives.


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