Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Curing Cancer

That's next week's task.

This week, John Hopkins researchers "proved" that heartburn leads to hairy newborns. Dramatically important research I would say.

But it barely compares to this. Apparently, women are portrayed sexually which might lead to self esteem issues, which might lead to mental disorders. Maybe. They didn't actually conduct any research themselves.

I think I've asked this before: did my tax dollars fund any of this research? Because if it did I am pissed off. Now don't take this the wrong way. I think there is an important place for government funding of scientific research. The CDC has done great things and grants to universities is a staple to advancing our knowledge as a society in general and leads to technological break throughs that can lead to new industries and new jobs. But seriously, it needs to be focused on some kind of useful outcome. Now, I suppose that the John Hopkins study can inform women whether or not they should eat 5 Alarm Chili on a regular basis or not depending on their hair preferences. I don't want my hard earned cash going towards that though!

Now for the American Psychological Association... No shit! You don't say. Women and girls are portrayed in a sexualized manner? Wow! I mean... wow! I just had no idea. Fucking hell, I mean even me, a guy who watches less than 5 hours of TV a week and then I'm watching soccer (no commercials) or the History Channel, even I know that. And they didn't do any real study on the effects. They're just making educated guesses!

I assume I'm not telling them anything they don't know but the educated guess is just the first stage in the scientific process. It is called forming the hypothesis and predicting results from that hypothesis. Now they need to perform experiments to prove or disprove the hypothesis. At that point you can get back to me and tell me what the effects sexualized images in the media.



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