Tuesday, February 27, 2007

These Are Not The Droids

Election Judge 1: I just need you to sign right here.
Me: OK
EJ1: And she [points to Election Judge 2] will need to verify against your ID.
Me: You don't need my ID.
[my signed sheet is passed to EJ2]
Ej2: I need your ID.
Me: You don't need my ID.
EJ2: I need to see your ID.
Me: Is there a problem with my signature? I don't have to show you any ID.
EJ2: [blank stare]
EJ1: He doesn't have to show an ID.
EJ2: You don't want to show me your ID?
Me: No.
EJ2: OK.

I definitely need to work on my Jedi mind trick. The head election judge smiled when he handed me my ballot. He seemed both slightly amused and annoyed with me.

Clearly these judges have been trained to ask for ID despite the fact that it is not required. A lot of people are going to hand it over without question. The training should be different. They should only be asking when there is a question about or challenge to the voter.

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