Friday, March 09, 2007

We All Hate Duke, Right?

GOOD NEWS! Duke lost in the first round of the ACC tournament last night.

Sitting at the corner of the bar at a bar that caters to Duke fans the regulars, the staff, and I all gave NCST a golf clap last night as they took down Duke in OT. (Its funny how often I find that the staff and regulars at bars root against the teams the bar caters too.)

Duke is like the NY Yankees. They've been too good, too long. But beyond that they and their fans are arrogant. My personal dislike goes back to the Duke v. Kentucky game in the NCAA. Christian "Where's My Foul" Laitner knocked a Kentucky player to the floor and stomped on his chest.

Last night I asked one of the regulars what his beef with Duke was. Of course, he had one. He's a Scottish national. Two years ago he had been at the same bar early in the day. He and other rugby fans had paid a fee for the bar to open early to broadcast rugby tournament games. The bar was apparently pretty full. A couple of Duke fans came in demanding to see the Duke game. The manager told them that they had been paid to broadcast the rugby tournament but that the bar had the basement open and was playing the Duke game there. The two said, "We're Duke fans. We don't do basements," and walked out.

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