Thursday, May 03, 2007

Paperless Office Killing Trees

This week my company has changed our time tracking applications. The administrator for our time tracking tool sent an email with basic instructions and a WORD document with specific log on instructions. The first instruction in the email: Print the attached WORD document.

OMFG, does this piss me off. This Ee-Lek-Tron-Ik document was created and EMAILED to everyone (100+ people). At 6 pages long if everyone were to follow her instrucitons we'd burn through a ream and a half of paper. And for what? Nothing.

Just read the fucking thing on your computer monitor. That's what it is there for! I guess I shouldn't expect anything less from this person. I've seen her printing multiple email messages from her INBOX. You know, Outlook has this nifty little preview pane that allows it to be read. On the monitor. Without printing!

Years ago a group of us in the office created a sign that we hung on the printer. It might be time to trot it back out.


1. Thou shall not print thy inbox.
2. Thou shall always check the print queue to ensure rapid job printing.
3. Thou shall not print > 25 pages (OR A PROGRAM) unless after hours.
4. Thou shall ALWAYS pick up what you have sent to the printer.
5. Thou shall fix/add paper whn at all possible.
6. Thou shall not take other's print-outs.
7. Thou shall not sue the printer as a copier.
8. Thou shall not load the printer w/ 3-holed paper.
9. Thou shall not leave excess cover sheets around the printer.
10. Thou shall always separate stack when the above 9 rules are violated.


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