Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dream Rememberance, #1

I rarely recall my dreams. I remember having them but not their content. Over the past couple of nights though I do remember some of my dreams. From Friday or Saturday night:

A friend I used to play softball with called me and said we were supposed to play softball this weekend. I told him we weren't. It was Memorial Day weekend. The playoffs would start up the next week. He assured me I was wrong.

I jumped into my car and raced to the softball fields.
First off, I have no idea what fields they were. I've never played there before. Second, I was driving the first car I ever had, a 1983 two-tone Nissan 200Sx.

I got to the fields and they were playing. I thought we were missing our game but realized there were a couple of hours until our actual game time. I was texting people on the team trying to get them there by 4PM. Telling them to take the third road into the park and go up the hill. The game was on the field behind the grove of trees.

I woke up. The current girl, The Lawyer, was there. She told me I had been having nightmares and had slapped her hand away a couple of times. I don't consider this a nightmare per se. The next one...



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