Friday, January 23, 2009

No R-E-S-P-E-C-T

It was like school in July, no class.

A girls' high school basketball team in Texas beat their opponent 100 - 0. Now the team is feeling remorseful and seeking a forfeiture.

To establish a little bona fides, I think the "everyone gets a trophy for participating" method of sports is utterly wrong. And I don't accept that the Trophies-For-All crowd is teaching sportsmanship or sports. Sports, like many things in life, is a competition. Some win and some lose. Sportsmanship is showing grace when winning.

That said, IMO, this is a complete failing of the winning team's coach. And the player's parents. Both failed to teach sportsmanship and respect. Both were reportedly cheering the girls on. There is a clear line between winning and embarrassing your opponent. This was an intentional embarrassment.

A friend of mine I sent the article to said, "f you get to 30-0 and the other team obviously doesn't have the skills necessary to do anything against you, you let them drill against you." That's exactly right! I've done the same with my softball teams in the past. Some of the leagues we're in are of mixed skill level. If we come up against a lesser team and are beating them decisively I implement what I call "Gentleman's Rules." That doesn't mean we stop playing or throw the game. It does mean we don't take full advantage of our better skills to out and out slaughter them. It's not condescending, it's respect. The other teams and the umpires recognize and appreciate it.

I'm not sure what other recourse is available for the basketball team but asking for a forfeiture is the minimum.



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