Thursday, January 22, 2009

Understatement Of The Week

I know I was spoiled growing up with Jordan, Pippen, and Grant but, no shit? John Paxson said, "We're not very good right now."

Hell, this is a contender for Understatement of the Month. At the beginning of the last 3 seasons I've tried to renew my Bulls fandom and every year it has been unsuccessful. On Monday when I heard the Bulls lost to the Knicks 102 - 98 I assumed the Knicks scored on 51 uncontested lay ups. The weak side defense is just that bad. I don't even know what happend Tuesday against the Hawks.

The only bright spot is Derek Rose. He's a rookie and one should expect some kind of rookie slump but this kid looks to be a legitimate superstar in the making. It's his bad luck that the Bulls paired him with a rookie coach.

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Blogger Miss Healthypants said...

Hmmm, saying that the Bulls are not very good is like saying that George W. was "kind-of bad" at his job. :)

9:08 PM  

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